A greeting

On behalf of the Confederation of International Student Associations (CISA) in Japan, I would like to welcome you all to our website. Just established in 2013, we are trying to connect with many students’ associations in Japan where students gather from all over the world.

Our main goal is to be the voice of foreign students in Japan. With the cooperation of UNISC, we try to identify problems that foreign students facing and we seek together for a solution. In Japan, there are already many student associations that have a long time experience and run for only students from specific country. On the other hand, there are no associations for students from some countries, because of small number people who study in japan. Moreover, there are not many organisations connecting various foreign students. This explains why CISA was established and we expect CISA to connect the associations and to support those in need.

We hope you cooperate with us to share your vision and strive for the better place to study and live. Although we are active only in Tokyo at the present, we extend our warmest invitation to the student associations haven’t joined yet. We would also like to encourage you to contact us anytime.


Dashdemberel Batchunag, The president of CISA